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Q & A
What do I need to get started?
No special equipment is needed to get started. As you advance, some equipment may be available for loan.

What is the learning process?
You practice the motions of drawing the bow
first without equipment
using an elastic band on a stick
using the yumi without arrows
shooting at the makiwara target at very short range
shooting at the target at the regulation distance of 28m.
After achieving competency in the technique you begin your study of the mental and spiritual sides of Kyudo.

Why can't I use the bow right away?
You need to acquire good technique before you can use the bow. This is both to avoid bad habits from developing, and because the yumi is much more sensitive to errors than a western bow. If incorrectly used, it is easy to damage your fellow students, yourself or the equipment.

How long does it take?
To shoot at a target, it takes as long as it takes for you to learn the technique. Expect several months to a year with consistent practice. Striving to improve your form and mental balance is a life long learning process.

Where do I find more general information on Kyudo?
Web resource:

Book resource:
Kyudo The Essence and Practice of Japanese Archery,
by Hideharu Onuma with Dan and Jackie DeProspero
ISBN: 4-7700-1734-0

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To Whom it may concern,
I have tried for years to find somewhere to study and learn Kyudo, and now I have found your website! Do you offer individual instruction? I live on the Olympic Peninsula and it may be difficult to get to Edmonds on Friday nights. I have been involved in archery and archery history for a long time. I am presently a national level archery coach, but I wish to learn Kyudo for myself! Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, KC Evans.
| K.C. Evans | 2004/11/16 3:08 AM |
To whom it may concern:

Hi, I'm interested in joining your club (dojo?). I was wondering where I can get some contact info (i.e. phone or email). Does your practice schedule differ every quarter? And is this an actual class in Edmonds Community College?

| Brian | 2004/12/01 12:14 AM |
Yes I am interested in joining this Kuydo Class...How would i go about doing so?
| Aaron Key | 2004/12/21 6:48 PM |
Hi. Sorry for late reply. We belong to Edmodnds Community College student clubs, so our lessons are not official classes. And unfortunately, we offer classes only at this place.(Sometimes we have extra practice at Bellevue) To join, you just come and start right away if you want!! Please come to us and let us know you want to start. It is also good idea to observe us for a while before you start, so that you know this is really you want to do or not. If you have any questions, please e-mail or call 425-773-7196(miyuki nodake) We'll post new schedule soon, please come and see us!!

| Miyuki | 2004/12/26 3:02 AM |
When does spring quarter kyudo start?
| Aaron Key | 2005/03/08 3:24 PM |
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